About English

Hi, everyone. This is my first text in English here. That’s why writing a text on English is as far as I’m concerned a sagacious opinion. Forgive me for my mistakes in advance.

I’m before a World Citizen and after that a Turkish. I’ve been living in Turkey since I was born. I studied at an average primary school, high school and finally which is well-known Istanbul University. I met English first time when I was approximately 10 years old. I mean I’ve been learning it for 14 years technically. However, I and millions of people in my generation just as like me cannot speak, read, write or interact with others in English properly. Turkey’s population is roughly 80 million but few people know and use English thoroughly. I came to a course a few years ago here. Honestly, it helped me to improve my English level but I did not use or practice it adequately and ultimately I partly forgot the language. Our education system is not teaching you the language efficiently. Our English lessons would pass filling in our student’s book and workbook. Generally, our teacher would write a few sentences on the blackboard in turn and we’d fill them in. That’s all, really. English lessons were exactly like this. I hope that this bullshit has changed at present.

I’ve mentioned about studied in Istanbul University. My department was in native language but we hardly any study English in the 4 years. Just 3-4 times and those were not English lessons, they were the lessons that filling the gaps(no wonder). When and how do we learn English thoroughly? This educational institution is a well-known University in the world nevertheless the same utter nonsense. Eventually, I realized that the best way is learning by yourself. More study and less need help. I’m studying English by myself and evolving it quickly. You can attain a multitude of information and videos about anything on the internet.

In today’s world English is not the language of the Speaking English Countries. People speak English for many reasons, for instance, communicate, business, trade, travel or read something etc. English became World’s language and we have to know it at least for a reason.

You will see a chart that I appended in the below.

Except for Chinese, nearly 1 billion people are speaking English either as a first or second language. It is all the more surprisingly that more or less 603 million people speak English as a second language. This number 190 million for Chinese. This is the crucial point. This point makes English the World’s language and also more people trying to learn English at the moment as well.

It seems to me that for example if you know Turkish, you’re just a Turkish but if you know English as well then it means you are a World Citizen. Am I overdoing? I respect your ideas.

To sum up, learning English is indispensable. Quite simple, you are preparing a presentation and you need more information. You probably cannot find out information related your topic in your mother tongue but you may obtain a host of information. That is the thing I’ve experienced. No pretext, no apology. You don’t have to spend much money to learn English. All is under your hand.

If you are able to read till here and understand the sentences wholly or most of it, you’re not zero in English.

Did you know: Do you know that 54% of all websites are in English? The next ones are in Russian with 6.1%, German with 5.3% and Spanish with 4.8%. So with knowing English, you can understand more than half of all the information on the internet.

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